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Automatic Investor Overview

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Explode Your Investment Profits…

Using breakthrough software that will manage all your investments for you, while minimizing risk and freeing your time… Why waste hours, every day, following the stock market and trying to decide when to buy and sell when Automatic Investor can do it all for you?

Free your time so you can enjoy the important things in life, like your family, travel and hobbies. With Automatic Investor, you’ll be in control of your investments — your investments won’t be in control of you.

If you’re investing in the stock market (or plan to), you can use Automatic Investor’s personalized buy and sell recommendations to increase your investment profits like never before.

And because Automatic Investor uses a powerful, fully researched asset allocation algorithm, you’ll minimize your risk too.

If you’ve been using another investment strategy, you’ll be shocked by all of the additional money you can make — simply by following the crystal clear advice that Automatic Investor gives you.

Too often, novice investors mistakenly assume that they can time the market. That they know something the rest of the world doesn’t. If they happen to make a few profitable investments right off the bat, it just serves to reinforce this false belief.

Even experienced investors fall into this trap. The fact is that nobody can consistently time the stock market.

In addition, nearly all investors use their emotions to do their investing for them. Some more than others, but almost everyone is guilty.

And almost everyone loses money because of it — whether by realizing actual losses or by forgoing profits that could have been theirs.

Automatic Investor helps you avoid these deadly mistakes…

Discover an Easy-to-Use, Proven Effective Method of Increasing Your Investment Returns And Reducing Your Risk…

For Less Than the Price of One Night on the Town!

Automatic Investor is an easy to use software package designed to tell YOU exactly how many shares to buy or sell in any situation, at any new price, based on your previous account activity.

No risky strategies or complicated instructions involved — just intelligent investing!

Automatic Investor doesn’t try to predict where the market will go, as many other systems attempt to do, instead it reacts to what the market has already done.

Its recommendations involve no guesswork because they’re based on what has already occurred, not on what might occur. It fills the need for a proven strategy based on objective, historically confirmed methods.

What’s more, Automatic Investor eliminates indecision.

Have you ever felt your stomach lurch when one of your stocks suddenly plummets? Have you ever sold it to “cut your losses” only to have it rebound a few weeks later?

What about when your stock rises? Have you ever agonized over what to do for days on end? Then decided to hang on because you Felt the stock would “go to the moon?”

How did you feel when the price returned to where you had initially purchased it — or fell below your purchase price?

Emotions Are Deadly

The reason most investors fall into these traps is because of greed and fear.

These emotions are deadly to investors. Automatic Investor works so well because it eliminates them from your investment decisions.

But that’s not all it does. Automatic Investor also provides a unique strategy that makes you money whether the market rises or not.

Use Automatic Investor and even if your stock never goes higher than your initial purchase price, but simply declines and then returns to its original price, you can make profits you might never have realized were possible!

And you can do so with Less Risk.

And if prices surge after your initial purchase, you’ll Lock-in profits so they don’t disappear!

The Most Important Investment Tool You’ll Own

See why Automatic Investor, with its easy to use interface, confidence-building, fully researched algorithm and sensible investment concepts, will be the single most important investment tool you’ll ever own… period!

Whether you’re an experienced investor or a hopeful beginner, let Automatic Investor simplify your investing process.

You’ll react intelligently to the ever-changing stock price landscape. Automatic Investor will show you exactly what to do in any situation!

The fact is that many investors are losing money in the stock market right now. Do you know why?

Why Are So Many Investors Losing Money In The Stock Market?

The fact is, most investors get so bogged down by their emotions and get so caught up in following the ticker, they don’t even realize they’re losing money!

If you don’t take control of your investments now — if you don’t automate your investment strategy and start investing based on unwavering logic, not emotions — your investments WILL severely under-perform their potential, you’ll be exposing yourself to greater risks and you’ll be spending a lot of time doing it. (See an example.)

Essential To Your Success

That’s why Automatic Investor is absolutely essential to your success. It will free you forever from the deadly trap of investing with your heart instead of your head.

And that’s why thousands of investors use Automatic Investor’s strategies everyday to increase their returns, minimize their risk and manage all of their investments in just minutes a day.

It makes their lives a whole lot easier. And honestly, once they’ve tried it, they can’t imagine what they’d do without it.

Now you can join those who’ve discovered the secret to unlocking stock market profits automatically…

Automatic Investor Is A Breeze To Use

You run Automatic Investor using simple click action buttons and pull down menus (just like the menus you use every day).

You can get help at anytime by pressing the “F1” key. And Automatic Investor is a breeze to use — even if you’re new to computers.

Whether your goal is to retire early, buy the home of your dreams, spend four weeks in Bermuda each year, or just enjoy more quality time with your family, the first step is to put your investments on automatic pilot!

That’s why you need Automatic Investor. It gives you the power to:

  • Make more money by taking advantage of the volatility found in many conservative and proven stocks.
  • Minimize your downside risk.
  • Set it and forget it. You no longer have to watch the ticker. No more seat-of-the-pants, gut-feeling investment strategies.
  • Spend less time managing your investments. You can manage your investments in just minutes a day. Think of all the time you’ll save. Time you can surely use for something other than maintaining your portfolio.
  • Implement a rock-solid, disciplined, emotion-free investment plan.
  • Eliminate confusion by obtaining precise, 100% objective recommendations on when to buy and sell shares.
  • Create your own investment models and tune the system according to your wishes.
  • Quickly and easily test stocks and mutual funds using the built-in, advanced historical testing function.
  • Use the Internet to ensure your portfolio is always up to date. You’ll never have to track down stock and mutual fund prices and manually enter them again.

Incredibly, most investors still don’t realize the value of using an emotion free investment strategy — and following an easy to use plan. Why would you spend more time to achieve lower returns at greater risk?

You wouldn’t — not if you thought about it. Just think back to some of the investment mistakes you’ve heard about recently. Think back to some of the mistakes you’ve made. How many were caused because a proven plan wasn’t being followed and emotions were leading the way? Probably the vast majority, if not all, of them!

This is why the opportunity before you is enormous. Right now — before you lose anymore money in the stock market — you’ve got a chance to implement a proven, disciplined, emotion-free investment plan that works.

One that’s used by thousands and thousands of smart investors in many different countries day in and day out.

Just imagine what it’ll be like once you’ve harnessed the power of emotion-free automatic investing. Can you see yourself smiling, knowing that you have a sound strategy that’s taking care of your future?

Discover how you can enjoy the benefits, RISK-FREE, that come from using Automatic Investor…

It’s Everything You Need

Automatic Investor gives you everything you need all in one package!

Automatic Investor is a requirement for anyone who invests in the Stock Market!

It’s a necessity if you’re going to maximize your Profit Potential!

By updating your account on a regular basis and following Automatic Investor’s clear 100% objective recommendations, you’ll never again say, “I should have bought more shares when the price was that low” or “I should have sold some shares and taken some profit when the price was so high.”

Automatic Investor will tell you exactly how much to buy or sell or whether to stand pat, at any given price.

Invest for Yourself Without Spending Thousands

You could easily spend $500, $5,000 or more for investment courses that supposedly teach you what to do to survive in today’s markets!

You can watch financial networks and hear opinions and reasons why the markets are doing this or that, but all of it is based on someone’s opinions and emotions. Someone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

Remember when influential Merrill Lynch Internet Stock analyst, Henry Blodget, was recommending ICGE at over $100? Well less than one year later it plunged to under $4. The lesson? Do your own investing. Don’t blindly follow others.

Automatic Investor will help you implement your very own disciplined investment strategy.

For less than the price most couples spend for one night out on the town, you can actually implement a proven strategy that can increase your returns, minimize your risk and free your valuable time. And you can do it Right Now!

With Automatic Investor your investments can pay off, like they’ve done for many others. The extra profits you make from using Automatic Investor could add up to tens of thousands or even hundreds of thousands of dollars or more. It’s up to you.

By using Automatic Investor, YOU can quickly master the techniques needed to gain a permanent investing advantage, to ensure that, from this moment on, you’ll be making the appropriate trades in the correct amounts, at the right time, in any given situation!

Are You Ready to Try it RISK-FREE?

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