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Automatic Investor FAQs

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you don’t find your answer here, stop by our User’s Group. It’s jam packed with useful information and you can post your own questions.

Q: If I have more than one stock in my portfolio, which one should I sell when Automatic Investor recommends I sell some shares?

A:You can choose to sell whichever one you want. Automatic Investor will recommend you sell a specific dollar amount of equities. It will also calculate how many shares of a particular equity you must sell (at its current price) in order to meet this dollar amount. You can see this advice by selecting the equities in your portfolio one after the other. As long as you sell the correct dollar amount, it doesn’t matter whether you choose equity A or equity B. In fact, you can choose to sell a portion of equity A and a portion of equity B (as long as the sale results in the dollar amount Automatic Investor recommended). The same holds true if Automatic Investor recommends you buy equities.

Interestingly enough, this feature gives you the ability to diversify your portfolio and practice asset allocation techniques. If an equity in your portfolio has outperformed the others, you may want to rebalance by continuing to sell the outperformer (as Automatic Investor directs) until it makes up the desired percentage of your portfolio. Similarly you can rebalance by buying specific equities when Automatic Investor gives buy advice.

Automatic Investor also allows you to swap one equity for another, as long as the total value of the equity portion of your portfolio doesn’t change. So you could sell $5000 worth of Microsoft, for instance, and buy $5000 worth of IBM at anytime.

There are times when you might want to do this because the fundamentals of a stock (or the industry it’s in) has changed, there is trouble in the company, the stock has not fluctuated like you thought it would (recall that volatility is the key to superior returns), or you simply find a better company.

Q: Should I be in or out of the stock market?

A: You should be in the stock market if you are investing for retirement or other long-term goals and have at least 5 years to go. Historically, the stock market has beaten other investments, including bonds, during 10-year periods. If you will need your money in the near future (or aren’t comfortable with volatility), you should consider moving the bulk of your investments to less volatile, or guaranteed, financial instruments (such as T-Bills and guaranteed bonds).

Q: What stocks should I pick?

A: If you’re just starting out in the investment game, you may want to consider putting your money into an equity based mutual fund that is compatible with your goals and risk tolerance. A good mutual fund will diversify your investment and professionally manage it. Of course there are costs associated with this, typically for management fees and fund expenses. Automatic Investor will manage your mutual funds just as easily as it manages individual stocks. However, mutual funds may be more difficult to sell (and there may be additional charges if you sell within a specific time frame). Ensure you find out ALL the details.

As you learn more about investing in the stock market, you might want to try choosing a few stocks for your portfolio. Keep in mind that choosing good companies really does require knowledge and experience. So take it slow at first (don’t put all your money into one stock), take a few investment seminars, and read everything you can get your hands on. The Internet is a prime resource.

Remember to do your homework before you buy a company and ensure you understand the business and the industry it’s in. Read the annual reports and pay attention to analyst recommendations – but don’t take them as gospel. You may also want to look at the stock’s chart (perhaps even get into some technical analysis).

Automatic Investor will help you manage your portfolio, but you must choose high quality equities. The old adage, “garbage in, garbage out” definitely applies with investments.

Q: How many funds or stocks do I need to create a diversified portfolio?

A: The answer really depends on your overall personal portfolio. If you have other assets (such as a fully paid house, an art collection, or investment property), you might need as few as four stocks. If all of your assets are in the stock market, you might be better off with as many as fifteen or more. The important point to remember is to spread your risk over all of your assets. Within your equity portfolio, you should diversify by picking stocks from different kinds of companies across several industries. A diversified portfolio might contain stocks from small companies with unique products, some medium-size growth companies, and some large blue chip corporations.

Mutual funds, on the other hand, will automatically diversify your holdings. Even so, however, you should minimize your downside risk by investing in a number of different fund types. An investment in a growth fund, for example, might be balanced with smaller holdings in international and bond funds. Your overall portfolio should depend on your age, investment goals, and risk tolerance.

Q: What are the time-tested investment strategies that work?

A: In a nutshell, a slow, steady, consistent, disciplined strategy does the trick. Start as early as you can and invest a set amount of money every month in stocks or equity mutual funds. In essence, pay yourself first, persevere, and ignore emotion. Automatic Investor is specifically designed to help you implement these proven strategies. That’s why we think Automatic Investor will help you build wealth in an efficient manner.

Most investment problems arise because investors don’t have discipline, they invest inconsistently and they let their emotions make important decisions. That’s why the Buy & Hold strategy is so popular. It removes the buy and sell decisions entirely. However it comes at a price (you don’t profit from the market’s inherent volatility). Automatic Investor can do much better. It has all the advantages of the Buy & Hold strategy, and adds the ability to profit from price fluctuations.

Q: Should I use margin?

A: Automatic Investor is fully capable of handling margin. However use any debt, including margin, sparingly. When you do borrow, invest only in high quality equities and pay the loan off as soon as possible. Margin allows you take advantage of unique opportunities in the market and leverage your profits. But it is a double-edged sword that will just as quickly magnify your losses. Remember, when you use margin, you can incur losses in excess of your portfolio’s actual value.

Warren Buffet (one of the world’s best investors) says, “we will reject interesting opportunities rather than over-leverage our balance sheet.”

He goes onto say, “the financial calculus that [we] employ would never permit our trading a good night’s sleep for a shot at a few extra percentage points of return. I’ve never believed in risking what my family and friends have and need in order to pursue what they don’t have and don’t need.” We think that’s great advice.

Q: Will Automatic Investor manage any investment?

A: Almost. As long as the investment’s price fluctuates and has liquidity (i.e. you can buy and sell whenever you want), Automatic Investor will manage it. The most commonly managed investments are stocks and mutual funds. However you can manage bonds, options, or even a coin collection. Automatic Investor views your portfolio in two parts: the cash part and the fluctuating part. The fluctuating part can be anything that fits the bill. You can even manage different asset types in one portfolio (such as stocks, mutual funds, and bonds).

If you’re starting out, however, we recommend you use Automatic Investor to manage mutual funds and/or stocks.

Q: What makes Automatic Investor better than the other systems out there?

A: Of the hundreds of investing strategies available, study after study has shown the ones that promote discipline, consistency, and remove emotion from the decision making process are superior. In addition, we believe that a strategy has to be easy to use, or you won’t use it consistently. Automatic Investor incorporates all of these traits, and many more. Best of all it’s so simple and easy to use, you’ll find you have more time for the important things in life.

Q: Are there any additional fees?

A: No. There are no subscription fees or stock quote charges of any kind. We recommend you obtain an Internet connection, but one is not necessary. When you purchase Automatic Investor you receive everything you need to get started right away.

Q: Can I obtain help if I’m stuck?

A: Yes. There are many ways to receive help. First you should check the online help manual. If you still have a question, feel free to contact us. We’ll answer your question, usually within 24 hours. We are committed to helping you succeed. As such, you’ll find our customer service truly outstanding. In addition, there are a number of discussion groups available on the Internet. You can post questions, and even learn some things you didn’t think to ask about.

Q: Is Automatic Investor easy to learn and use?

A: Yes. It can be used immediately by the novice and has a very low learning curve. After setting up your portfolio (very easy to do), you simply update share prices whenever you want to and follow the recommendations. That’s it. You’ll also find the user interface intuitive and easy to use – it was designed that way from the outset.

Of course, as you progress in experience, you’ll find Automatic Investor includes a vast array of options you can set according to the characteristics of your portfolio, your investment goals, and your risk tolerance. In addition, you can incorporate many of the proven investment strategies such as diversification and asset allocation.

Automatic Investor is akin to playing the guitar. You can learn to play it quickly, but you can also spend the rest of your life learning advanced techniques to fine tune your performance.

Q: Will I make a million dollars?

A: We hope so, but there is no guarantee. As with any investment strategy, there is risk involved. We believe Automatic Investor minimizes your downside risk compared with other strategies. However, you must do your own due diligence and take responsibility for your investments (please read our disclaimer). No one knows or cares about your personal circumstances like you do; how much money you have to invest, your risk tolerance, your goals, and your most suitable and comfortable time frame. You should do everything in your power to learn about where your money is invested.

That said, there are many people around the world who are already using the strategies and methods contained in Automatic Investor (the basic theory was developed in the 1970s) to successfully build wealth.

How to Select Stocks

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Selecting Stocks

Stock Selection is THE MOST IMPORTANT part of the Automatic Investor strategy. If you are investing for the long term, you must choose a high-quality stock. While the Automatic Investor technique will work with any stock, the risk to your capital is dependent on the quality of your choice. The higher the stock’s quality, the lower the risk.

Of course if you are aware of the risks, you can use Automatic Investor to manage second tier stocks, or even speculative penny stocks. Automatic Investor is a portfolio management tool. What you put into it is entirely up to you.

We do, however, recommend you use high-quality selections – because we feel that capital preservation is paramount.

For an excellent overview on the fundamentals of selecting stocks, we highly recommend Benjamin Graham’s classic book, “The Intelligent Investor” (click on the book cover to purchase it directly from Amazon.com).

Now let’s look at some key points for selecting a good stock.

Two investment styles

When looking for solid stocks, investors tend to use one of two basic styles – value investing or growth investing.

Value investors look for stocks that are priced at less than what they are actually worth, whether it’s because they are out of favor, had a bad quarter, or whatever. The value investor will search for companies that have assets valued higher than the total value of the company’s stock, look at fundamentals that suggest the company’s stock price is temporarily under-valued, or buy companies whose stock price has been driven down by outside factors.

This style requires absolute logic and a willingness to go against the crowd. It also requires a fair amount of research and basic accounting skills. In general prices have already fallen, so value investors minimize their downside risk.

(Fortunately there are now computer programs that can do much of the tedious research for you. See our Value Stock Selector software that pops out a list of solid, undervalued stocks with just one mouse click.)

If you can’t stand the thought of paying a high premium for a company’s future growth potential, this is probably the route for you.

Growth investors, on the other hand, look for companies where earnings are growing, markets are expanding, and the stock has momentum. They like companies that have a faster growth rate than the market as a whole, a leading position in a fast growing sector, or a new technology that will provide a distinct advantage.

This style of investing usually carries a higher level of downside risk, because growth stocks tend to get all the media attention, be in “hot” sectors, and draw the speculators to them. They also tend to be more volatile, than value stocks, and are thus better suited for use with Automatic Investor.

However either style will work with Automatic Investor. The key point to remember is that there are good value stocks and bad value stocks. Similarly there are good growth stocks and bad growth stocks. Choose the good ones.

Once you’ve found some good stocks, what do you look for next?


The key ingredient is volatility. A stock that fluctuates notably in a short time period will work extremely well with Automatic Investor. There are stock screening tools available on the Internet that can find volatile stocks for you. If you look at a chart, U and V patterns (and their upside down counterparts) visually signal volatile stocks. You can also look at the percentage gain or loss each day. High percentages indicate good candidates.

Cyclical stocks

A cyclical stock usually operates in an industry that runs on cycles. In good times, the price rises, in bad times, the price falls. If you can find a stock with a reasonable period, it should be a good choice for Automatic Investor. Be aware, however, that these stocks generally accumulate returns over a longer period of time – compared with their volatile cousins.

Rolling stocks

Some stocks trade in a very noticeable range. They rise until they meet a certain price, then fall until they reach a lower bound. Then they rise again. These stocks are ideal Automatic Investor candidates because they fluctuate in a very precise manner. This allows you to time your price updates accordingly.

Automatic Investor takes care of the rest

Automatic Investor will use these price fluctuations to generate a profit. The more fluctuations that occur, and the greater the price change, the larger the returns will be. And therein lies the beauty of the technique. You don’t have to choose a stock that will continually rise (such as in the buy and hold system), nor do you have to choose one that will go down (as with short selling strategies). Rather you choose a high quality stock and reap rewards whether it goes up or down.

Some additional tips

In addition to fluctuating share prices, here are some other points to consider.

Buy, don’t be sold. Do your own due diligence and don’t listen to others unless they can back up what they say with facts.

Be a realist. Let your priorities be the sole reason for an investment. If you know you will need your money in 2 months, put it in a guaranteed investment vehicle.

Use margin sparingly. Margin can help you take advantage of unique opportunities. But always remember you are taking out a loan. One that will have to be paid back. In addition, if your holdings go down, you may be required to deposit additional funds – or risk being forced to sell your stocks at a poor price. If you do decide to use margin, buy only high-quality stocks, and pay it off as soon as possible.

Use knowledge. Purchase stocks based on facts, not rumors or tips. Above all, don’t try to predict the future, rather concentrate on minimizing risk.

Don’t try to get-rich-quick. It doesn’t work. Over time, the disciplined investor wins the race every time. Use Automatic Investor and follow its recommendations unless you have a good reason not to. You’ll likely do much better and will definitely experience less stress.

Take action. Review your portfolio regularly. If the fundamentals change, and your stock choices need improving or upgrading, do it right away. Delayed action translates into delayed benefits.

Don’t doubt. Once you’re convinced Automatic Investor is the superior system (and you should convince yourself before using it to manage your money), stick with it through the ups and downs. Don’t second guess Automatic Investor’s recommendations.

How Automatic Investor Works

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The Analysis Engine

The heart of Automatic investor is the analysis engine. It’s based on a time-tested algorithm developed by Robert Lichello in the 1970s.

Of course Lichello had to perform all his calculations by hand – a tedious chore to be sure. Over the years, Lichello’s algorithm has been improved significantly.

Automatic Investor not only implements the very latest improvements, but also harnesses the power of your computer and the Internet to make managing your investments a breeze.

A Theory Ahead of its Time

Lichello came up with a simple, but brilliant, system based on stock market volatility.

Unfortunately, the theory was too far ahead of its time. When first developed, it was not feasible to perform the necessary calculations frequently enough.

The system still worked, but many buy and sell signals were missed. The proliferation of the computer, and the Internet, has changed that.

Hundreds of calculations can now be performed in a second. Furthermore stocks are much more volatile today, and the Internet brings an unprecedented amount of financial information right to your desktop.

These key developments have combined with Lichello’s algorithm to usher in a system that can significantly increase your investment returns.

Value Added Features

But that’s not all. Automatic Investor adds a host of features to the Analysis Engine. Features that not only makes it a snap to use, but also increases its power and effectiveness.

Features such as the most comprehensive set of tuning parameters currently available. These parameters will let you configure the system to your investment style, market conditions, and the characteristics of your portfolio.

Once you’ve gained some experience with Automatic Investor, you’ll definitely want to learn about them. For now ignore them. They default to values that work well with most portfolios.

A Look into the Past

Automatic Investor also allows you to back-test stocks based on historical prices.

You can update your entire portfolio from the Internet with one mouse click. You can “go back in time” to see what your portfolio looked like at any given point (using Automatic Investor’s unique check point feature).

And the list goes on and on.

The Information is in the Price

The analysis engine operates on the principle of letting the price (and optionally the Volume) dictate the response.

It doesn’t try to predict the future. In other words, all of the required information is in the price (and Volume). Combined with your portfolio’s history, crystal clear recommendations are instantaneously generated so you can quickly place your trading order.

Keeping some Cash on Hand

When starting your portfolio, Automatic Investor recommends you buy some stocks and keep some cash. The exact proportions depend on the Model you’ve chosen. You can change Models at anytime.

When you update prices, Automatic Investor calculates your new portfolio value and checks it against your portfolio’s history. If it has gone down, Automatic Investor will determine whether it’s time to buy additional shares at the lower price.

Conversely, if your portfolio’s value rises, Automatic Investor may advise you to sell a portion of your holdings to lock in a small profit.

In effect, you buy when prices are low and sell when they’re high. As stock prices fluctuate, Automatic Investor will efficiently buy and sell to purchase cheaper shares and lock in small profits. Your portfolio benefits to a small degree with each iteration (whether because of obtaining shares less expensively or locking in a profit).

Over time, these small benefits quickly add up, and your portfolio will experience a compounding effect. You automatically average into a stock at timely intervals and systematically take profits when it’s advantageous.

You can see that the more volatile a stock, the better Automatic Investor will perform.

But Automatic Investor can also do exceptionally well with some of the most widely held stocks too (see the detailed performance study).

A Delicate Balance

Another benefit is that Automatic Investor will balance your cash and equity positions based on the prevailing market conditions.

You’ll find that when the market is relatively high, you’ll be flush with cash – ready to buy when prices start to fall. When the market is relatively low, you’ll be fully invested – ready for the upswing.

And that’s exactly what you want. As prices fall, you want cash available to purchase shares at lower prices. As prices rise, you want to be fully invested to take advantage of the rising trend. Because of this, your risk is constantly minimized. Automatic Investor ensures that’s the case. Automatically.

Mr. Spock would be proud

You’ll notice that you don’t have to watch the market. In fact all you have to do is choose when to update your share prices.

Automatic Investor removes all the emotion from your decisions and replaces it with a mechanical logic that’s impervious to feelings of greed and fear.

As any professional investor will tell you, “emotions are deadly.”

Multiple Stocks

Automatic Investor works well with a single stock or a basket of stocks.

From its perspective, it sees cash and equities. Whether the equity portion is composed of one stock or many, doesn’t matter.

And that’s to your advantage because you’re free to swap an equal value of one stock for another, at anytime.

Let’s say you have two stocks, 100 shares of IBM and 200 shares of Microsoft. IBM is trading at $100 a share. Microsoft? $50 a share. The total equity value of your portfolio is $20,000.

If you then decided that you liked the fundamentals of IBM slightly better than Microsoft, you could sell, say, 100 Microsoft shares ($5000) and buy 50 IBM shares ($5000).

Note that you didn’t change the total equity value. It’s still $20,000. What you cannot do is sell 100 Microsoft shares and keep the proceeds in cash. In that case your equity value would be $15,000 and Automatic Investor would not work correctly from that point on.

A Detailed Explanation

For a complete explanation, we suggest you read Robert Lichello’s book, “How to Make $1,000,000 in the Stock Market Automatically.” You can purchase it in our bookstore.

The Benefits of Automatic Investor

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Benefits and Features

Based on a proven, time-tested algorithm combined with powerful cutting edge technology, Automatic Investor optimizes your portfolio by balancing cash and equity in a very efficient manner.

It takes the prevailing market conditions and your specific portfolio into account in order to minimize overall risk and maximize your returns.

Automatic Investor will not only tell you when to buy and sell, but exactly how many shares to trade. What’s more, you retain complete control over the equities that go into your portfolio.

Automatic Investor will manage one equity, or multiple equities. You decide. Diversify your holdings, use asset allocation techniques, even mix asset classes. Automatic Investor manages it all.

Automatic Investor eliminates uncertainty and conflicting advice and gives you crystal clear BUY, SELL, and HOLD recommendations. It truly is the easiest way to build your personal wealth.

Look at what Automatic Investor can do for You…

  • Set it and forget it. You no longer have to watch the ticker. No more seat-of-the-pants, gut-feeling investment strategies.
  • You can enjoy superior returns while minimizing your downside risk.
  • Spend less time managing your investments. Time you can use for something else.
  • Automatic Investor gives you the power to implement a rock-solid, disciplined, emotion-free investment plan.
  • Automatic Investor gives you precise, 100% objective recommendations on when to buy and sell shares.
  • Automatic Investor minimizes your risk.
  • Automatic Investor provides superior returns by taking advantage of the volatility found in many conservative, proven stocks.
  • Automatic Investor allows aggressive investors to achieve even greater returns, while still managing risk, by investing in more profitable and more volatile growth stocks.
  • Automatic Investor gives advanced users the ability to create their own investment models and tune the system according to their wishes.
  • Automatic Investor will let you manage your investments in just minutes a day.
  • Automatic Investor is easy to use.
  • Automatic Investor contains an advanced historical testing function and a built-in Optimizer that lets you easily create your own Models.
  • Automatic Investor is fully integrated with the Internet so your portfolio is always up to date. And you don’t have to manually enter stock and mutual fund prices.
  • Automatic Investor lets you define your own file formats for use with almost any historical quote source. You can run your historical analysis and optimizations using whatever data source you want.
  • Automatic Investor implements a fully researched algorithm designed to automatically profit from volatility.

Now look at some features…

  • A user-friendly Windows based program engineered for exceptional simplicity, functionality, and clarity. The user interface is designed to be intuitive, yet flexible.
  • Fully integrated with the Internet so you can import historic prices, current quotes, and view charts. Update your entire portfolio with one mouse click.
  • Use the powerful simulation function to determine performance based on historic Internet data. Quickly and without cost.
  • A unique check-point feature allows you to “go back in time.” View your portfolio exactly as it appeared on a particular day in the past. You can even “go forward” from that point to answer “What if?” questions.
  • Undo updates for any number of entries. The last entry, the last 2 entries, the last 100 entries, any number at all.
  • Customizable tuning parameters allow you to fine tune Automatic Investor to your particular investment style and the characteristics of the equities in your portfolio. No similar program gives you as much control.
  • Since it will manage any type of equity, you select only those equities that match your investment goals. You can use a variety of strategies to complement Automatic Investor.
  • Rebalance your portfolio at ANY TIME. Automatic Investor will continue to give you crystal clear advice without missing a beat.
  • Update prices when YOU want, monthly, weekly, daily, hourly, even in real-time. Automatic Investor will ensure your investments are working hard for you.
  • See exactly what your next BUY and SELL prices are at anytime. You can use this feature to place limit orders with your broker, then forget about updates until an order is filled.

Automatic Investor Overview

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Explode Your Investment Profits…

Using breakthrough software that will manage all your investments for you, while minimizing risk and freeing your time… Why waste hours, every day, following the stock market and trying to decide when to buy and sell when Automatic Investor can do it all for you?

Free your time so you can enjoy the important things in life, like your family, travel and hobbies. With Automatic Investor, you’ll be in control of your investments — your investments won’t be in control of you.

If you’re investing in the stock market (or plan to), you can use Automatic Investor’s personalized buy and sell recommendations to increase your investment profits like never before.

And because Automatic Investor uses a powerful, fully researched asset allocation algorithm, you’ll minimize your risk too.

If you’ve been using another investment strategy, you’ll be shocked by all of the additional money you can make — simply by following the crystal clear advice that Automatic Investor gives you.

Too often, novice investors mistakenly assume that they can time the market. That they know something the rest of the world doesn’t. If they happen to make a few profitable investments right off the bat, it just serves to reinforce this false belief.

Even experienced investors fall into this trap. The fact is that nobody can consistently time the stock market.

In addition, nearly all investors use their emotions to do their investing for them. Some more than others, but almost everyone is guilty.

And almost everyone loses money because of it — whether by realizing actual losses or by forgoing profits that could have been theirs.

Automatic Investor helps you avoid these deadly mistakes…

Discover an Easy-to-Use, Proven Effective Method of Increasing Your Investment Returns And Reducing Your Risk…

For Less Than the Price of One Night on the Town!

Automatic Investor is an easy to use software package designed to tell YOU exactly how many shares to buy or sell in any situation, at any new price, based on your previous account activity.

No risky strategies or complicated instructions involved — just intelligent investing!

Automatic Investor doesn’t try to predict where the market will go, as many other systems attempt to do, instead it reacts to what the market has already done.

Its recommendations involve no guesswork because they’re based on what has already occurred, not on what might occur. It fills the need for a proven strategy based on objective, historically confirmed methods.

What’s more, Automatic Investor eliminates indecision.

Have you ever felt your stomach lurch when one of your stocks suddenly plummets? Have you ever sold it to “cut your losses” only to have it rebound a few weeks later?

What about when your stock rises? Have you ever agonized over what to do for days on end? Then decided to hang on because you Felt the stock would “go to the moon?”

How did you feel when the price returned to where you had initially purchased it — or fell below your purchase price?

Emotions Are Deadly

The reason most investors fall into these traps is because of greed and fear.

These emotions are deadly to investors. Automatic Investor works so well because it eliminates them from your investment decisions.

But that’s not all it does. Automatic Investor also provides a unique strategy that makes you money whether the market rises or not.

Use Automatic Investor and even if your stock never goes higher than your initial purchase price, but simply declines and then returns to its original price, you can make profits you might never have realized were possible!

And you can do so with Less Risk.

And if prices surge after your initial purchase, you’ll Lock-in profits so they don’t disappear!

The Most Important Investment Tool You’ll Own

See why Automatic Investor, with its easy to use interface, confidence-building, fully researched algorithm and sensible investment concepts, will be the single most important investment tool you’ll ever own… period!

Whether you’re an experienced investor or a hopeful beginner, let Automatic Investor simplify your investing process.

You’ll react intelligently to the ever-changing stock price landscape. Automatic Investor will show you exactly what to do in any situation!

The fact is that many investors are losing money in the stock market right now. Do you know why?

Why Are So Many Investors Losing Money In The Stock Market?

The fact is, most investors get so bogged down by their emotions and get so caught up in following the ticker, they don’t even realize they’re losing money!

If you don’t take control of your investments now — if you don’t automate your investment strategy and start investing based on unwavering logic, not emotions — your investments WILL severely under-perform their potential, you’ll be exposing yourself to greater risks and you’ll be spending a lot of time doing it. (See an example.)

Essential To Your Success

That’s why Automatic Investor is absolutely essential to your success. It will free you forever from the deadly trap of investing with your heart instead of your head.

And that’s why thousands of investors use Automatic Investor’s strategies everyday to increase their returns, minimize their risk and manage all of their investments in just minutes a day.

It makes their lives a whole lot easier. And honestly, once they’ve tried it, they can’t imagine what they’d do without it.

Now you can join those who’ve discovered the secret to unlocking stock market profits automatically…

Automatic Investor Is A Breeze To Use

You run Automatic Investor using simple click action buttons and pull down menus (just like the menus you use every day).

You can get help at anytime by pressing the “F1” key. And Automatic Investor is a breeze to use — even if you’re new to computers.

Whether your goal is to retire early, buy the home of your dreams, spend four weeks in Bermuda each year, or just enjoy more quality time with your family, the first step is to put your investments on automatic pilot!

That’s why you need Automatic Investor. It gives you the power to:

  • Make more money by taking advantage of the volatility found in many conservative and proven stocks.
  • Minimize your downside risk.
  • Set it and forget it. You no longer have to watch the ticker. No more seat-of-the-pants, gut-feeling investment strategies.
  • Spend less time managing your investments. You can manage your investments in just minutes a day. Think of all the time you’ll save. Time you can surely use for something other than maintaining your portfolio.
  • Implement a rock-solid, disciplined, emotion-free investment plan.
  • Eliminate confusion by obtaining precise, 100% objective recommendations on when to buy and sell shares.
  • Create your own investment models and tune the system according to your wishes.
  • Quickly and easily test stocks and mutual funds using the built-in, advanced historical testing function.
  • Use the Internet to ensure your portfolio is always up to date. You’ll never have to track down stock and mutual fund prices and manually enter them again.

Incredibly, most investors still don’t realize the value of using an emotion free investment strategy — and following an easy to use plan. Why would you spend more time to achieve lower returns at greater risk?

You wouldn’t — not if you thought about it. Just think back to some of the investment mistakes you’ve heard about recently. Think back to some of the mistakes you’ve made. How many were caused because a proven plan wasn’t being followed and emotions were leading the way? Probably the vast majority, if not all, of them!

This is why the opportunity before you is enormous. Right now — before you lose anymore money in the stock market — you’ve got a chance to implement a proven, disciplined, emotion-free investment plan that works.

One that’s used by thousands and thousands of smart investors in many different countries day in and day out.

Just imagine what it’ll be like once you’ve harnessed the power of emotion-free automatic investing. Can you see yourself smiling, knowing that you have a sound strategy that’s taking care of your future?

Discover how you can enjoy the benefits, RISK-FREE, that come from using Automatic Investor…

It’s Everything You Need

Automatic Investor gives you everything you need all in one package!

Automatic Investor is a requirement for anyone who invests in the Stock Market!

It’s a necessity if you’re going to maximize your Profit Potential!

By updating your account on a regular basis and following Automatic Investor’s clear 100% objective recommendations, you’ll never again say, “I should have bought more shares when the price was that low” or “I should have sold some shares and taken some profit when the price was so high.”

Automatic Investor will tell you exactly how much to buy or sell or whether to stand pat, at any given price.

Invest for Yourself Without Spending Thousands

You could easily spend $500, $5,000 or more for investment courses that supposedly teach you what to do to survive in today’s markets!

You can watch financial networks and hear opinions and reasons why the markets are doing this or that, but all of it is based on someone’s opinions and emotions. Someone who doesn’t have your best interest at heart.

Remember when influential Merrill Lynch Internet Stock analyst, Henry Blodget, was recommending ICGE at over $100? Well less than one year later it plunged to under $4. The lesson? Do your own investing. Don’t blindly follow others.

Automatic Investor will help you implement your very own disciplined investment strategy.

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